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Focused Podcast

Nov 28, 2017

Submitting your work for publication can be a total drag. You might go through your images and nothing is looking right, you feel like you always get rejected, you don't know what to do to make the whole process easier. Well, today we are talking about how to do just that!



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Nov 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your client experience actually matches your brand? What does that even mean? Today we are chatting with Amanda Shuman from Carrylove Designs all about how you can ensure that experience your clients receive matches your brand AND why that even matters. 

Also, we dig in a little bit into the...

Nov 14, 2017

Being an introvert, going to in person events can be pretty intimidating. They aren't scary, but draining and no one likes to feel drained. I know what its like to attend all sorts of different in person events as an introvert and today I'm sharing some of my best tips to make the process easier. Going to in person...

Nov 9, 2017

Switching things up a little bit with this episode and doing a Q&A episode with Cinnamon! Talking a bit about staying productive, Lightroom, SEO, camera equipment and all sort of other things in between. 

Also! We will be taking a break during Thanksgiving week and will be back for our last few episodes of the season...

Nov 7, 2017

The family formal portion of a wedding day can be one of the most important times for you as a photographer to shine. By taking control during this time and ensuring the whole process runs smoothly you will take the pressure off of your clients and make what might be a very stressful time much easier on...